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Proper Care For ID Lanyards

When you constantly use something, they tend to wear off fast compared to other things that you do not use often. Your ID lanyards are not exempted from this rule. Five days in a week you are required to wear your lanyards when you go to work.

You spend more or less 10 hours a day with your lanyard around your neck. As you go through your day, you sweat and even if you work in a closed area dirt and dust will still find their way to you.

This is the reason why you take a bath and why you wash your clothes. Your lanyard is not at all different from your clothes. They also get stained and dirty. However, unlike your clothes you do not wash your lanyards on a regular basis.

ID Lanyards

When you go to work, looking neat and clean is important. Therefore, you have to take care of your appearance from head to toe. People tend to overlook the importance of taking care of their lanyards. What most people do not realize is that their ID is one of the things that people look at.

Just imagine looking at someone with something filthy hanging around his or her neck. Imagine that person is you, how would you feel? That is the reason why you cannot take your lanyard for granted.

Here are few of the things that you can do to keep your ID lanyards looking clean and new.

1. If you wear clothes with collar, place the lanyard under the collar. This will prevent your sweat from getting to your lanyard. The collar will protect your lanyard from dirt and dust as well.

2. When you are not wearing your lanyard, put it in a clean and dry area. Avoid mixing it with other items in your bag that could stain your lanyard. An example of the things that you must keep it from is an uncapped pen. When the ink of a pen leaks and find its way to your lanyard, it will leave a permanent mark on your lanyard.

3. Keep your lanyard away from moisture or anything that might get it wet. Most lanyards are made of fabric and if they get soaked in water and are not properly dried, they could develop permanent stain. So when your lanyard gets wet, hang it to let it dry properly.

4. Do not share your lanyard with anyone. As with any other personal belongings, it is expected that you do not share it with anyone. One obvious reason would be hygiene. Your lanyard is something that you wear and if you lend it to another person, you do not really know how that person would use it.


5. Wash your lanyard if it smells or has obvious stain on it. No matter how much you care for your ID lanyards, there will really come a time that you have no choice but to wash it. Remember that most lanyards have prints on them, so use a mild soap to wash your lanyard. Do not use any harsh chemicals as it may make the color fade.

Most people do not really give that much importance in the proper care and handling of ID lanyards. You might think that lanyards are not that important and its only role is to hold your ID for you.

They might seem to have an insignificant role in your daily task but you have to bear in mind that the moment you put it on it becomes part of you. Just imagine you are looking all regal, neat and clean in your uniform and then you put on a stinky and stained lanyard.

People will definitely not ignore the presence of your lanyard. Imagine the horror it will bring you. You have given all your efforts to dress to impress and that one tiny lanyard you wear around your neck ruins everything. It will definitely not going to be something that will please you or the people around you.

Therefore, take care of your ID lanyards the same way that you take care of all your other belongings.

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