Custom Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins are usually small coins or medallions about an inch and a half to two inch in diameter and about a tenth of an inch thick. The size makes it easy to carry around in one’s pocket or a pouch. The coins are made of metal with various types of finish and are usually engraved with an insignia or symbol that identifies the bearers’ affiliation to an organization or military unit.

History has a lot of versions of when challenge coins were first used. During the Roman Empire, generals would give out coins to recognize military achievements. This has had a great influence on how the coins were used in modern times.

Custom Challenge CoinsThe most common version of the history of these coins is a story that happened during World War I. A wealthy lieutenant had coins made for members of his squadron. For one pilot, the coin was a lifesaver. When he was shot down behind enemy lines, his belongings were taken save for the coin. When he was able to escape, he used the coin to prove that he was not a spy, thus earning him a bottle of wine rather than a firing squad.

Another version tells how challenge coins were used as proof to join top secret military meetings in France. The coins made sure that a spy would not be able to infiltrate these gatherings. Of all the stories about the origin of the challenge coins, one thing was common these coins were used to prove one’s identity and was generally used in the military.

Although challenge coins have military origins, they have become quite popular mainstream. Nowadays, organizations and clubs give out custom challenge coins to their members.  These have also been used to recognize achievements in various industries like education and sales. These are used to boost morale by acknowledging a members success. Support groups also use these coins to help mark milestones achieved.

These coins have fast become a part of modern popular culture. The coins help spread word about an organization to create awareness or support while maintaining exclusivity for its owners. It has become a status quo to own one, and in order to do so membership in a group was imperative.

These coins are also now accessible and affordable to purchase. These can certainly become a part of your organizations’ or company’s legacy.  We create coins customized to maintain your identity.  We have a variety of finish that you can choose from including gold, silver and antique. We can ensure that the insignia or symbol you wish to put on the coins come in colors that enhance the effect and elegance of your coins.

Military-CoinsWe understand that your organization has history to be revered and missions and visions to be realized, the coins we create for you will be a part of these goals. We will turn your ideas to reality and let you choose the way you want your organization represented in these coins. You have various shapes to choose from, round, polygon, dog tag or square. We offer flexible coin shapes to compliment your symbol or insignia.

There are other coin options available to ensure that the custom challenge coins you receive are perfect for your organization. You can select diamond cut edges, 3D designs, or epoxy settings. You can choose how the coins will be packaged or presented. We have coin inserts, velvet boxes and pouches, coin stands and coin capsules available. These coins could even be made as keychain attachments. Cliché as it may be, but the possibilities are endless. If you can imagine it, we’ll do our best to create it.

Designing and ordering the perfect coins for your organization is easy. Our website gives comprehensive information on the custom options available as well as a free quote and proof. You can create your masterpiece with little worries on going over your budget as our prices are reasonable and competitive. Visit us and let’s start creating the perfect custom challenge coins for your organization. .

HCG Works

Some people worry that, because HCG works so quickly, they might end up with wrinkles or loose skin from shedding too much weight too quickly. In fact, HCG is one weight loss method that helps to prevent such things from happening. Here’s how HCG can help you lose weight without gaining loose or wrinkled skin.

hcg wrkHCG promotes weight loss by triggering the body to burn fat. That’s easy enough to understand. The best thing about HCG, though, is that it only targets abnormal fat supplies. That is, a body’s healthy reserves remain untouched while the unwanted quantities that make thighs, butts, and bellies look huge are the ones that converted into energy and melted away. Muscle tissue and endogenous fats remain untouched, thus keeping a body healthy and looking good. Loose skin is avoided, therefore, because the body’s supply of muscle and structural fat remain in place, supporting the skin in the normal, natural ways.

Are you familiar with the idea that pregnant women “glow?” The reason that they do is, in part, because the levels of HCG in their bloodstream are much higher than normal. Among HCG’s other benefits, it helps to make one’s skin more elastic. What that means is that, while using HCG to shed unwanted pounds, one’s skin simultaneously becomes more supple and elastic, which allows it to shrink appropriately to the contours of one’s newer, slimmer body.

Supple skin tends to have few wrinkles. In cat, people on the HCG diet often report an improvement in their overall complexion. Some skin creams actually include HCG as an ingredient exactly because it promotes suppleness and that healthy “glow” that’s otherwise associated with pregnant women. As a dieter’s body begins to shed its cellulite, he skin will appear to be less wrinkled, less pock-marked and dimpled. In general, a person using HCG will quickly appear to be healthier and happier than ever before!

There’s really little or need for dieters to worry about the appearance of lose skin and wrinkles as a result of HCG usage. Not only does HCG promote rapid (and healthy) weight loss, it also promotes healthy skin. It does that by increasing the skin’s natural elasticity, making it much easier for your skin to shrink normally and naturally to fit your newer, slimmer body shape.

HCG is beloved by both men and women because it’s both safe and because it helps them break the cycle of unhealthy eating and weight gain. HCG can help obese persons easily develop a healthy relationship with food and to move themselves toward a healthier weight and lifestyle.